Monday, July 15, 2013

Marine Mammal Line Art

Whales, dolphins, porpoises, walruses, seals, sea lions, and other marine mammals are often seen on postcards, notecards, and other printed media. Although photo postcards are extremely popular, marine mammals are also immortalized thru line art drawings, pencil sketches, and other art forms.

Whale artwork is popular with enthusiasts of all ages. Some of the oldest designs were produced by naturalists who encountered whales at sea. Some whale encounters were intended while others occurred simply by chance during ocean voyages.

Images of dolphins and porpoises are also found on postcards and other printed artwork. These smaller cetaceans commonly play among ships and other vessels.

Pinniped line art drawings also attract interest from postcard hobbyists, nature enthusiasts, and nautical art collectors. Members of the pinniped group of marine mammals include seals, sea lions, and walruses.

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