Friday, June 15, 2012

Postcards Suitable For Invitations

Consumers have countless options to choose from when shopping online for affordable invitations and other announcements. Among the most commonly used products are notecards, postcards, or other printed materials. In most cases, the occasion will dictate which type of media will be suitable for an announcement.

Events such as weddings, graduations, or formal dinners usually require the most elaborate announcements. In these situations, notecards are a good option. Popular notecards include bi-fold styles in either a portrait or landscape print orientation.

For less formal events, a simple postcard may be appropriate. Postcards are also useful for reminders and other brief communications. When small quantities of customized announcements are required, postcards or notecards are very cost effective.

Regardless of which print format is chosen, card designs are available for almost any theme or subject. Some designs might signify a season, place, or important event. Others communicate an interest, such as a sport, hobby, or passion.

When selecting artwork for invitations, there are many variations from which to choose. The simplest designs feature text-only layouts. Another simple art form that is common on cards is line art, also known as line drawings. Artwork in this genre is done in black and white or grayscale. Line art designs are good choices when a simple representations are required.

Cards featuring color illustrations are also popular for invitations, announcements, and other communications. With an endless variety of illustrations, finding a color scheme to match a theme is usually easy.

In some cases, cards that incorporate photography are the most appropriate option. In most cases, photos occupy the entire postcard or notecard cover. Other designs combine one or more small photos with accompanying text or graphics.

After selecting the card layout and artwork, buyers may want to consider customized text. A basic card might contain artwork only, with no titles or captions. Through customization, buyers can add titles, captions, or other pre-printed text.

For example, if a club or organization needed to send out a limited number of reminders or invitations, a basic logo would be chosen and custom text added. If additional cards were needed later, a second order could be placed.

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